Hello 2

This is a test blog post. Now, we all know mamas who can do it all - effortlessly. You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones with the coifed hair and cute spotless outfits on. The ones we see on Insta with the big smile, cute babies, cute houses, cute husbands and cute everything. Anyhow, if you don’t know them, you at least know of them or have at least seen them.

I mean, let’s take Beyoncé for example. We have all been witnesses to the fact that Beyoncé can do it all (in a pair of stilettos, sheer pantyhose and a bodysuit - and yes hunni that thing is skint tight). But…Beyoncé also has racks on racks, multiple personal assistants, a team of people caring for her kids, the durag wearing martial artist Solange, Jay Z, mama Tina and that dang fan blowing the mess outta her bundles to help her be her best self and live her best life. 

As I said before, Beyoncé can do anything because she has access to many things (and a whole lot more money) that most mamas. But thank God for Jesus, and technology that can help all of us get ourselves together. Here are some of my favorite hacks to help you automate your life.

01. Minimal Living

02. Kroger ClickList (or any other grocery ordering service)

03. Dinner with Friends (and Family too)

04. Amazon Everything  

05. YNAB app

What are some hacks you use to keep your life together?